ScaleStop/FilterMax – How It Works


Water4 Systems’ premier water conditioning process called ScaleStop/FilterMax is a two-tank system with three distinct media. The 1st media is carbon it effectively reduces chlorine, chloramines, and chlorine by-products present in most municipal water supplies. The 2nd media conditions the water to neutralize the calcium and magnesium ions in the water so they do not build up on your fixtures and surfaces (2nd tank). The 3rd media deals with heavy metals in the water supply (2nd tank). Because this is an up-flow system (no control valve – non back-flush – no electricity – no drain) installation costs are substantially reduced.

There are several key factors that drive whole-home water filtration effectiveness. First is the nature of the media. Most whole-home systems use a coal-based carbon media; Water4 uses the highest-grade activated coconut shell carbon, which is harder and more effective than the less expensive coal carbon for the first filtration stage. Second is the type of media or type of system used to condition hard water. Rather than using a salt-based, ion-exchange softening system, Water4 manages hard water scale by a process called template-assisted crystallization it neutralizes calcium and magnesium that shows up as scale. The calcium and magnesium remain in the water, when they dry on your finish surfaces they do not bond or etch the surface (reduce water spotting), but simply wipe away with a soft cloth. Water4 adds a third media called CopperGuard, it effectively reduce copper, iron, and other heavier metals in the water.

Another key factor for system success is contact time. The effectiveness of both stages of Water4’s system improves due to longer contact time. Both stages are up-flow systems; meaning the water flows up through the media in each stage. Every time a faucet is turned on, the media bed is lifted, stirring the media and maximizing contact time. Down-flow systems, because they do not raise the media bed require periodic back-flushing, typically every ten days, which can waste up to one hundred gallons of water per cycle.

Under normal use, with no back-flushing (no wasted water), typical media replacement is up to 5 years. Actual frequency will depend on your water conditions and usage. The resulting water from the two-stage Water4 point-of-entry system is of such high quality, you may decide to eliminate purchasing bottled water from your routine shopping list. Water4’s point-of-entry system retains the benefits of the calcium and magnesium that the human body needs.